Through the Vitalist School, you'll become adept in helping others release trauma and limiting beliefs that block them from experiencing their most authentic self through holistic psychology, physiology and spirituality.


Healing the Root

Our culture as well as many of our helping professions are based upon changing and addressing the external symptoms. From traditional therapy and weight loss programs to our current medical approach to health, the attention is on symptoms – not the root of the imbalance. While many practitioners desire to help their clients or patients, most were trained in systems that compartmentalize and superficially treat a person.

This course lays out the maps of psychological and spiritual transformation and provides practitioners with tools to assist their clients in digging deeply to the origin of their disconnection from Self.

Map to Self

Maps allow us to see where we have come from, where we're at and where we might want to move next. Maps can assist us in seeing our default settings and draw that which lives in the subconscious into our awareness. Awareness is the first step of transformation.

As a student of the Vitalist School, you'll become adept in working with maps and methods (such as holistic counseling and somatic therapy) that address the root of your clients' suffering and empower them to find a path back to freedom.


True knowledge comes from embodying ideas. All classes are taught with plenty of space for movement, practice, coaching and experiences involving the body and mind. It is a must to not only understand these concepts but to embody them as a way of being. Our ability to support our clients in their process of remembering their essential nature is deeply connected to our own process of realigning.

This school is for practitioners who are as dedicated to their own growth, healing and deep work as to their clients' psychospiritual transformation. In order to truly embody this work, practitioners are given the opportunity to reconnect to their deepest truth.


"The stone Mica is known in Chinese medicine as a sacred mirror. This stone contains within itself the ability to reflect back to us our deepest truth; inviting us to remember our essence, and encouraging us to recognize and claim our worth. I could not come up with a more beautiful way to describe Micah than that of the Stone with which he shares a name. It is not exaggeration to say that every encounter I have had with Micah leads to some form of unearthing deeper truths about who I am and how I can more fully live from my Self. Micah is kind, truthful and ultimately wants all to be who they are alive to be."

– Nicole France Coe

"Micah’s passion for learning and teaching is only surpassed by his depth of knowledge. As a co-teacher in the six-month Life 2.0 transformational group coaching/training program, Micah was a huge asset to the program. His extraordinary ability to understand, digest and share a broad array of teachings, and his clear and charismatic teaching style made a significant contribution to the participant's learning. Above all else, Micah is a compassionate realist who cares deeply that his clients and students make significant and rapid progress with their learning and in their lives." – Mike Cohen