Can I pick and choose the classes I want to take?

No, the program must be taken in its entirety. It builds upon previous courses and the chemistry within the group. 


What if I have to miss a class?

Obviously life happens, but a huge part of this program is the community built when people show up with consistency and in vulnerability. There is a significant loss to the group when participants don’t show. Many of the concepts build upon each other, so missing a class can make integrating the information more difficult.

Because much of this course is body-centered and experiential, an audio recording will not be a proper substitute for actually attending. In order to sign up for this program it is important you do your best to attend all nine weekends. If you have to miss a class, say you're getting married or have malaria, you're welcome to ask a classmate to record the class for you.


Does this program come with a certification?

Nope. Most people taking the program are already certified or working to get certified in some other modality. It is not our belief that certification is or should be required to sit with another human being and, with kindness and love, assist them in their path of reconnection. We believe as human beings this is our right and freedom to assist each other. We believe that as you really see and support other humans you will be sought out by your community. This is not something that can be certified or licensed. This is what comes through us as we find our own innate freedom and build the toolset to help others wade through their inner world of feelings and beliefs.


Will we be learning about herbs or food?

This program is formed around the simplicity of transformation. All approaches taught for treatment are available to any human in the woods. Breathing, body movement, non-directive question asking, meditation, somatic therapy and some bodywork will be the main tools. The assessment and the treatments require nothing more than what is within us, the presence of nature, practiced intuition and a stick (Jo). All elements are easily accessible and more-or-less free to any human. While plant medicine, food or supplementation may be briefly discussed, it is not the focus of this program.


Do I have to be a practitioner to be in the program?

No. While this program has been written and designed for practitioners, it is not essential that you are a practitioner. Most skills learned are applicable to family or friends, and anyone taking the course will have an opportunity to do their own transformative work due to the nature of the content. Please fill out the application, and let us know why you want to take the course even if you are not studying to be or are currently in practice.


Is there homework or required reading?

Because of the depth of material we are working through in this course, your time outside of class reading and studying will be a great asset to embodying the information, though no one will be checking in on you. You can start reading the books as soon as you decide you're taking the program. The required reading is incredibly rich and dense, and it wouldn't hurt to read them multiple times. Books are listed at the bottom of the Courses page.


Where will the classes be held?

All weekend classes will take place at Micah’s house in Rockford, Michigan, except for bodywork and holistic counseling classes. These will be held at the Wellness Collective of Grand Rapids.


What about food and lodging?

Please pack your lunch for classes in Rockford, as we will not have time to drive into town for lunch. A kitchen and refrigerator is available for your use at Micah’s house. For classes held at the Wellness Collective, a refrigerator is available and many high quality restaurants are in walking distance.

Hotels and AirBnBs are available around the greater Grand Rapids area. Local classmates may have extra beds you can crash on as you all get to know each other.


What do I need to bring?


Please bring chairs, blankets, cushions – whatever you need to keep comfortable. Some seating will be provided. Please bring a journal (not a computer) to write in and take notes. Please dress appropriately for the weather as we'll be outside at times.


"As a yogi and body worker I thought I had experienced a lot of healing. I always sought out naturopathic and herbal support for my wellness. After a few sessions with Micah it became clear to me that there were layers of healing - emotional and mental - which had yet to be recognized. The approach Micah offers lives up to the word holistic like nothing else I have experienced. He skillfully leads the client to their own rediscovery of wellness, balance and truth. Through honest - HONEST - dialogue accompanied by homeopathy and gentle body work I no longer have the recurring physical issues that I never dreamed this type of work would ever address: candida, bladder weakness, sinus infections, acid reflux, hip pain. I realized for it to work I had to personally show up and commit to it; so I did, and I will never regret that choice. I feel a freedom and empowerment beyond any other modality I have encountered. I am now committing myself to sharing this kind of wake up and wellness with the world! Thank you, Micah!” – Brooke Dillane

"I am so grateful for the time I spent with Micah. He helped me see on a deep level how my own thoughts were keeping me stuck and helped me see how I could stay in choice and make new decisions in different areas of my life. Thank You Micah - I consider the time we spent together invaluable and would highly recommend anyone looking to go deeper on their journey to consider spending time with you."

– Michael Rocque