From a practical standpoint, after the first class, I already had at my disposal new tools and resources that I could immediately start using with my clients. From a personal standpoint, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to dive in deep with like-minded and like-hearted individuals to explore the profound depths of our personality - and our soul. This really is all about psycho-spiritual transformation. In a short time, I have gained deeper insight into my own personality patterns, but am also gaining a deeper understanding and greater compassion for others as they navigate their own personalities. The sense of community that has developed among the members of this class has been beautiful as we rise up together.

– Matteah Reppart, Vitalist School student, 2018-2019

The Vitalist School is the place for you if you’re looking to learn about yourself, get out of your comfort zone, leave behind those things that no longer serve you, and become more of who you truly are.

This is all done in a nurturing atmosphere with laughter, tears, and people who become a family. I highly suggest you experience this amazing class. You will always be well supported in the journey of transformation.

– Bonita Jacque, Vitalist School student, 2018-2019

As a chiropractor working with energy, I have had glimpses of being present and having cool things happen when I work with patients. However, I still felt like I was "working", and as a result, felt tired. Working with Micah, I have been able to be more spontaneous, and able to stay in my core and listen to what my patient needs, rather than what I usually do. As a result, I feel more of a sense of playing and am less tired. My patients are responding and enjoying the sessions as well.  Micah has been the right practitioner for me to help become liberated and enlightened while working. He is an excellent role model for how to do it.

–Linda S. Squires, D.C.

As a practitioner, teacher, and educator, I hold my own spiritual evolution with great reverence. For me, it is a social responsibility to the work I provide in the world. Choosing to work with Micah McLaughlin on a soul level was deeply intentional and in alignment with my work personally and professionally. I am better equipped consciously, what is mine and what is not mine when working with clients. I am supported and guided to authentically step into my life's work because I work with Micah. 

– Raechel Morrow, BSW, Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500, HHCP

The stone Mica is known in Chinese medicine as a sacred mirror. This stone contains within itself the ability to reflect back to us our deepest truth; inviting us to remember our essence, and encouraging us to recognize and claim our worth. I could not come up with a more beautiful way to describe Micah than that of the Stone with which he shares a name. It is not exaggeration to say that every encounter I have had with Micah leads to some form of unearthing deeper truths about who I am and how I can more fully live from my Self. Micah is kind, truthful and ultimately wants all to be who they are alive to be.

— Nicole France Coe

To try to put in to words what working alongside Micah has done to bring me transformation on the deepest level seems like an impossible task, but then again, I never believed I could be free from all that oppressed me either… How do you describe to someone what waking up feels like until you have woken? How do you express what freedom can come from awareness without judgment? Or when you realize you are not your own worst enemy, and you are separate from your inner critic? Most importantly, how do you describe the feeling when you meet yourself again, on a soul level, after years of being apart? Its Joy. Its Hope. Its Freedom.

Micah has been the mirror for me to see myself clearly, and without judgment. He is not the one who did the hard work for me, I did that by showing up for myself time and time again. But if it were not for the way in which Micah showed up as a practitioner I don’t know that such radical transformation could have happened in the way it did.

Eternally grateful for the work you have done on yourself Micah and the work you are doing for others to bring freedom in to this world!

— Becky Devries, Student of Naturopathy

I am so grateful for the time I spent with Micah.  He helped me see on a deep level how my own thoughts were keeping me stuck and helped me see how I could stay in choice and make new decisions in different areas of my life.  Thank You Micah - I consider the time we spent together invaluable and would highly recommend anyone looking to go deeper on their journey to consider spending time with you.

– Michael Rocque, Life Coach

Micah’s passion for learning and teaching is only surpassed by his depth of knowledge. As a co-teacher in in the six-month Life 2.0 transformational group coaching/training program, Micah was a huge asset to the program. His extraordinary ability to understand, digest and share a broad array of teachings, and his clear and charismatic teaching style made a significant contribution to the participant's learning. Above all else, Micah is a compassionate realist who cares deeply that his clients and students make significant and rapid progress with their learning and in their lives.

– Mike Cohen, MA, Creator of Life 2.0, Founder of Kirtan Leader Institute

As a yogi and body worker I thought I had experienced a lot of healing. I always sought out naturopathic and herbal support for my wellness. After a few sessions with Micah it became clear to me that there were layers of healing - emotional and mental - which had yet to be recognized. The approach Micah offers lives up to the word holistic like nothing else I have experienced. He skillfully leads the client to their own rediscovery of wellness, balance and truth. Through honest - HONEST - dialogue accompanied by homeopathy and gentle body work I no longer have the recurring physical issues that I never dreamed this type of work would ever address: candida, bladder weakness, sinus infections, acid reflux, hip pain. I realized for it to work I had to personally show up and commit to it; so I did, and I will never regret that choice. I feel a freedom and empowerment beyond any other modality I have encountered. I am now committing myself to sharing this kind of wake up and wellness with the world! Thank you, Micah!”

– Brooke Dillane, Yoga teacher and Bodyworker

I began working with Micah a few years ago. At that point in my life, I had been experiencing acute pain in my body for about a year and had been through two unsuccessful surgeries with a third on the way - with no hope of a better outcome. To say I was frustrated with traditional health care professionals was an understatement. All I knew was I couldn't continue to deal with the level of physical pain any longer and I needed to approach healing differently. When I first met Micah, I immediately noticed his presence.  I felt heard and understood in a way I hadn't experienced before. What started off as my desire for physical healing went far beyond that. Micah's intuitive and holistic approach in preparing me for surgery allowed my body to begin to heal. Within 3 weeks post-op, I noticed a huge difference - I no longer experienced pain. It became clear to me in working with Micah that for physical healing to take place there was also a need to work on healing my mind, emotions and spirit. Regardless of what came up during our appointments, Micah held space for me and I was able to safely explore that a lot of how I showed up for my life up to that point was not showing up at all - but rather in fearful, self-sabotaging ways. Micah utilized various modalities I hadn't experienced before; intuition, holistic/mindfulness counseling, breath work, muscle testing, working with the Jo, and the list goes on and on - all of which have resulted in a tailored, transformative journey that has allowed me to show up for my life in a more aligned and authentic way. I am incredibly thankful for Micah's kind intuitive and playful spirit, insight, dedication, guidance and passion - for without it, my journey from caterpillar to butterfly would not have been complete.

– Kathy Julien, Student of Life